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Course Calendar & Events


Training Day
Jan 29th
Kodokwai dojo

Baden Wurttemberg Tour
Feb 4 /12

Training Day
Mar 26
Sherburn CC

Easter International Course
Apr 7/8/9
Kodokwai dojo

International Seminar
Apr 29/30
Montigny Paris

Bavarian Tour
May 17/21

Training Day
May 28
Sherburn CC

J.A.C. Course + A.G.M.
Jun 11
Kodokwai dojo

D.A.N. Family Reunion
Jul 29/5th
Loverval Belgium

D.A.N. Guest Mori Shihan
Sept 16/17
Neusass Germany

Training Day
Sept 24
Sherburn CC

Baden Wurttemberg
Oct 14/15
Seminar Freiburg

D.A.N. - U.K. Autumn Course
Oct 21/22
Kodokwai dojo

Training Day
Nov 26
Sherburn CC

Christkindle Course
Dec 8/10
Allgau Germany

Information on any of the above courses can be obtained from your Club instructor.

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